Kkottongnae Charismatic Prayer Meeting

The Kkottongnae welfare facilities have developed on the ground of the charismatic prayer meeting. Kkottongnae is not a charity foundation but a Catholic community focused on human salvation while providing welfare services. If you want to heal the sick body and soul of those ignored for a long time, spiritual healing should be done simultaneously. Of course, feeding, providing a shelter and taking care of them are important. But for a true healing of sickness, spiritual service is mandatory. Faith-based love and prayers are absolutely prerequisites.
History of Kkottongnae Charismatic Prayer Meeting
2011. May 1 Opening a ’Love in Action School’
2009. Jun 1 2009 International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services event held in Kkottongnae
2006. July 21 World Youth Day
2002. Sep 8 The 25th Anniversary of Kkottongnae Charismatic Prayer Meeting
2000. May 6 The 1st Youth All Night Prayer Meeting
1999. May 22 The 1st Retreat for the Holy Family
1998. Aug 21 The 1st Youth Retreat
1997. Oct Kkottongnae All Night Prayer Meeting (Every 2nd & 4th Saturdays in Training Institute of Love)
1993. Aug 1 Beginning of Mass for the Holy Fmaily in Gapyong Kkottongnae
1988. Jan Beginning of Mass for the Holy Fmaily at the chapel of Facility of the Mentally Ill in Eumsung Kkottongnae
1977. Sep 16 Beginning of Kkottongnae Charismatic Prayer Meeting