Kkottongnae School

 School Motto
  To have knowledge, you must first have reverence for the Lord. (Proverbs 1:7)
 Educational Goal

We focus on developing well-rounded talents who love not only themselves but also others. We set sub-goals to reach the main goal.

First, we lead children to learn how to practice faith and express thankfulness. Second, we encourage them to develop a cooperative spirit in communal living. Third, we urge them to develop an inquiring mind to learn. Last, we inspire them to endeavor to persevere and develop the pioneer spirit.

 Educational Focus
  A. Well-rounded Education
  Students learn good manners, realize the value of helping each other and get strong will to overcome difficulties in reality, through our well-rounded curriculums.                     
  B. Integrated Education
  We provide a balanced education allowing the opportunity to understand and respect different cultural backgrounds.                     
  C. Individualized Education
  We put an effort to discover the potential within each of children. Our teaching method is based on each individuals’ tendency, quality and ability.                     
  D. Various Educational Opportunities

We fully support a practice-based learning by providing an environment where students make the most use of Kkottongnae welfare facilities.

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