Eumsung Kkottongnae

 House of Joy (Facility for the Mentally Ill)
  On the basis of the Catholic spirit of love and peace, House of Joy warm-heartedly welcomes the mentally ill in need of proper medical care. We not only give a help to them but also put Jesus’ teaching and love into action. By doing so, we believe, we embody the world where people empty themselves to be filled with the grace of God.
  Responsible Groups for Our Services
 Medical Health Team : in charge of health education, substance side-effect control education, obesity care, management of delicate health.                        
 Welfare Business Team : in charge of ceramic art class, art therapy, Nanta (A South Korean popular musical), training for emotional intelligence improvement, Joy School, ’Nalgai (which means wings in Korean)’ project, ’Shinbaram Hanmadang (exciting fest in Korean)
 Resource Management Team : in charge of vocational training before employment, Haha English learning program, training for promoting social skills, human relations training program, gateball, plant therapy.
 Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Eumsung-eup Kkottongnae-gil 133 (367-711)

Tel : 82 43 879 0210~0216

Webpage : http://happylog.naver.com/kkotsimsin.do

 House of Joseph (Child Facility)
  "Love your neighbor as yourself." Based on the Jesus’ saying, we provide children family-style group home, in the hope that they live a happy life as children of God, nurture their dream and contribute to society.
  What we do

Education We open study room and offer child’s basic education to prevent sexual molestation, substance abuse, human rights abuse and the Internet addiction. Also we run programs for road traffic safety, emergency evacuation as well as field trip and first-hand experience.

Emotional Support Programs like group activities for cooperation such as camping. Entertainment activities like art performance watching or movie-going together are also included for children’s emotional stability. We also throw a birthday party for each child and have a family hike. Children can be involved in some club activities like playing the musical instruments or soccer.

Training for Self-reliance We help children acquire skills for daily living and self-protection, knowledge about local resource use, money management, job search and social skills.

Cooperation with the Local Community We hold a festival for children called ’Kumnamu (Dream tree in Korean)’, send a child expert lecturer to local events and operate a study room after class.

One-on-one Mentor/Mentee System Mentors give advice in terms of prayer life, faith, academic and career counselling and also share wisdom. Furthermore, they support financially for an individual self-reliance by donation or in a form of scholarship.

 Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Maingdong-myon Ssanjung-li 250-2
 Tel : 82 43 877 7713~4
 Webpage : http://happylog.naver.com/kkotchilder.do
 House of Angels (Adopting Organization approved on Nov 4, 1997 and Child
   Facility approved on May 30, 2011)
  Life is one of the most precious gifts from God. The sound of life reverberates here every day. Babies are waiting for loving step-parents to be held in their arms.

We attempt to fully understand about what children need at each developmental stage physically, emotionally, socially and intelligently. Then, we do our best to help them have a loving family, grow happily and good adults in the future. Oftentimes, our efforts lead to adoption. In order to improve child language skills and concentration ability, we run a variety of learning programs. Reading books to children, having them hear songs for kids and learning while playing are some of them.
   Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Eumsung-eup Dongeum-li 925
   Tel : 82 43 879 0292
 Ingok Charity Hospital
The hospital was built on top of Jesus’ teaching: "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for me". According to a God’s covenant with Fr. John Oh in revelation experience, it is aimed to cure not only physical or mental illness but also save souls with love and prayer.
Internal Medicine, Neurology, General Surgery, Rehabilitation Medicine, Psychiatry, Ear, Nose and Throat, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Dental Clinic
 Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Maingdong-myon Ingok-li San 1-64
 Tel : 82 43 879 0301
 Web page : http://cafe.daum.net/ingokjaehospital
 House of Hope (Facility for Those with Physical and Mental Disorder)
  As a housing facility, we provide a list of classes, treatment programs and extra events to help our residents with severe disability to live happily. Without care, they would have died in a ditch. We try to recover their psycho-social ability and improve daily living capability. Also we put love into practice and care each other like family.

① Calligraphy
Constant calligraphy practice is an opportunity to not only enrich your life through an effective use of extra-time and but also keep you calm down ultimately in serenity.
② Art
Art class opens a door to untapped art talents to unleash their potential freely and satisfy their aesthetic desire.
③ Pressed flower craft
Learning unique techniques of pressed flower craft will give you a sense of achievement as well as a full of amusement. The process completing artwork also gives you a cathartic moment and develop the self-esteem.
④ Bizcraft
The completion of an artwork on your own will boost your self-confidence and self-respect.

Treatment Program
⑤ Art psychological therapy
It is aimed to improve your self-esteem, social skills and emotional stability. It is also involving professional art psychotherapy as part of a psychological rehabilitation.

⑥ Heemang Jangto (Marketplace for Hope in Korean)
It was created to give an opportunity for our residents who have little access to ordinary buying or selling activity to be engaged. Marketplace-opening inside Kkottongnae community helps Kkottongnae family keep close contact.
 Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Eumsung-eup KKOTTONGNAE-gil 133
 Tel : 82 43 879 0265~6
 Webpage : http://happylog.naver.com/kkotsimsin.do
 House of Salvation (Facility for the elderly)
  the elderly here are respected and beloved by care providers who put an effort based on God’s love and Kkottongnae charism. The quality of life of the elderly has improved by helping them feel happy and grateful.
What we do
  Senile dementia prevention through programs regarding food decoration, art creation, cognitive ability increase, cooking and planting -Support for free time activities including playing gateball, exercise, beauty job and broadcasting -Business connecting with the local community like cultural events, sponsorship promotion and volunteer program development
 Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Maingdong-myon Ingok-li 47-3 (369-812)
 Tel : 82 43 879 0225
 Webpage : http://happylog.naver.com/kkotnoin.do
 Specialized Facility for the elderly
  We practice the philosophy of Kkottongnae, that is, the realization of the world where no single person is left behind, everyone is respected and loved as much as we are loved by our Lord and people love neighbors as themselves. Based on the spirit, we address social problems stemming from aging society and ultimately achieve welfare.
What we do
 Support for leisure time activities offering access to music, fine arts, planting, crafting, taking a walk, games, etc.
 Holding events both inside and outside Kkottongnae such as holiday parties, celebrating functions for the elderly, volunteer meeting, etc.
 Ecclesiastical service including Mass, rosary prayer, hymn practice and appreciation and confession
 Assisting family through the support for family gathering, birthday parties and familial visits
 Contributing to the harmonization among the local community through participation in regional events and cultural art performances
 Keeping health in check by exercising activities, an acupuncture class, aroma foot massage, etc.
 Support for emotional stability by running programs about flower arrangement, cooking, reading and singing
 Preparation for better social adaptation by offering a social engagement
opportunity : grocery shopping, reading a newspaper and going to a movie
 Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Maingdong-myon Ingok-li 1-47 (369-812)
 Webpage : http://happylog.naver.com/wjsansdydid.do
 Homeless Facility
  More than 850 isolated people make up this community living in six separate buildings, each different according to gender, illness, rehab chances.
What we do
 Dealing with health issues including entry-exit management and inquiry about persons equivalent to family members or relatives of residents
 Individually-customized psycho-social rehab counselling and medical treatment
 Social adaptation training and vocational rehab counselling by professionals
 Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Eumsung-Eup Kkottongnae-gil 133
 Webpage : http://cafe.daum.net/kkotbulang, http://happylog.naver.com/kkotbulang.do
 House of Love (Main Building)
  House of Love was completed on Aug 8, 1983, originating from the first 18 homeless people nestled at the foot of Yongdam Mountain in Mugeuk. The name of House of Love was used since then. As the first building of Eumsung Kkottongnae, it houses elderly citizens with one or more health condition.

We also offer rehab programs which are focused on education and human connection. Some of them are Samul Nori (Korean traditional percussion instrument performance) and movie appreciation.
 Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Maingdong-myon Ingok-li San 1-45
 Tel : 82 43 879 0431~2
 House of John
  House of John was built on Oct 7, 1988, housing intellectually challenged people with no family or relatives. It is equipped with intensive care unit for patients who are required 24/7 care. The fifth floor embraces those with severe mental and intellectual disorder and the fourth for patients with kidney failure who are needed dialysis. The third is used as a general ward.

Recovery programs include learning classes and group activities, such as Hangeul (Korean alphabet) class, training for daily living skills, art therapy, group recreation, hiking and picnic.
 Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Maingdong-myon Ingok-li San 1-45
 Tel : 82 43 879 0250
 House of Charity
  The House of Charity opened on Oct 15, 1986 and it takes only women. The female homeless are living together while sharing love. Traditional Korean dance is set as a specialized program for this house.

Residents get involved such learning classes as traditional Korean dance, Hangeul (Korean alphabet) and computer education. Social engagement program like a local market visit is also underway.
 Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Maingdong-myon Ingok-li San 1-62
 Tel : 82 43 879 0240
 New House of Peace
  New House of Peace was completed on Feb 2, 1998. It houses those with intellectual disorders and alcohol problems. Among them, physically healthy people can participate in a farming project -growing pear trees- for self-reliance. In addition, residents can receive some vocational courses: baking and farming.
 Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Maingdong-myon Ingok-li San 1-63
 Tel : 82 43 879 0222
 Old House of Peace
  Those with relatively healthy physical condition are living in this House of Peace and cultivate crops as part of the farming project for self-reliance.
 Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Maingdong-myon Ingok-li 93-1
 Tel : 82 43 879 0220
 House of Wish
  This was originally designed for tuberculosis patients to stay but now none of the residents have the disease. Thirty or so people live here as a family. All of them contribute to producing apples as part of the farming project for self-reliance.
 Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Maingdong-myon Yongge-ri 476-1
 Tel : 82 43 871 0271