Volunteer Work

Eumsung Kkottongnae
  We divide groups into three: individuals, groups and staying volunteers. Each group is also divided according to gender.

A. Group volunteers may apply to Kkottongnae Training Institute of Love.
Kkottongnae Training Institute of Love
Tel : 82 43 879 0406~7
Web page : http://www.kkotlove.or.kr

B. Information for individual volunteers
Tel : for male volunteer: 82 43 879 0280 (Br. Jung, Chang-yong in charge)
for female volunteer: 82 879 0283~4 (Sr. So, Shin-dong in charge)
Email : kkotbrsr@hanmail.net
Open Hour : From 9:00 to 12:00 / From 13:00 to 17:00
★ Please note that the application is possible only by telephone. (Neither online nor fax is available.)

- Please make sure you read the guide on volunteer work on our web page before coming.
- The application procedure for general volunteer work and social service is different.
- Make sure that you bring only necessary belongings without valuables. We are not responsible for lost articles.

Download Guide on Volunteer Work and Social Service
   One-day volunteering
   Stay-based volunteering
   Social service