Gapyong Kkottongnae

House of Love (for the Homeless)
  Based on the Roman Catholic faith and love, we aim to save the homeless people and help them return to society. We support them not only physically but also emotionally.
Recovery Programs
 Systemic medical support in cooperation with ’Noche Liandri’ Charity Hospital, making individual-based treatment possible
 Educational support by holding a study room, paper-folding class and family gathering
 Psychological help through private or group consultations with a professional medical doctor of psychiatry or social worker (For example, we have a rehab session for alcoholics.)
 Assistance to help residents be part of a decent member of society through a social adaptation training (Ordinary market visits and activities for mutual cooperation are included.)
 Vocational training through work at a woodworking plant or bakery or farm located inside Kkottongnae
 Kyonggi-do Gapyong-gun Ha-myon Hapan-li 540-3

Tel : 82 31 589 0150

House of Peace (Facility for the elderly)
  Welcome elderlies to House of Peace. The house was created to secure a place for the elderly to be respected and have a proper medical treatment. Hopefully, the elderly realize God’s grace and love for them, while staying here until the end of their life. House of Peace also prepares them to face death in peace. Attached facilities include a mortuary and family burial ground.
 Creative work : Drawing and painting, crossword and word search puzzles, clay work, paper folding craft, mosaic, knitting, sewing and planting
 Exercise : Bowling, hoopla games, darts, indoor basketball, gateball, other ball-playing and taking a walk
 Activities for preventing the deterioration of cognitive ability : Looking back on life, transcribing the Scripture, reading books, watching films, listening music, writing poems and word games
 Socializing : grocery shopping, picnic in spring and autumn
Health Services
 Physical therapy, home care (house call), treatment in hospital
 Cleaning body, hand acupuncture and foot massage
 Kyonggi-do Gapyong-gun Ha-myon Hapan-li 540-2
 Tel : 82 31 589 0225
House of Joy (Facility for the Mentally Ill)
  House of Joy is for the struggling people with mental hurt. We love them with heart rather than words.

The house takes those who are unable to keep a normal life outside Kkottongnae. We provide them a family which is the most fundamental base of love. We send an important message that those who shared enough love in family are willingly give love for others. By caring one another with all our hearts and putting ourselves in others’ shoes every day, we put Jesus’ love into practice. All brothers and sisters here do not draw a line between ’my job’ and ’your job’, saying "My work is mine but your work is mine, too." Such attitude leads family to become one under God helping each other.
 Training for daily living skills for those with mental disability plus prayer for the people with schizophrenia
 Social engagement training : Grocery shopping, participation in various events, inter-personal skills training including visits of other facilities
 Classes for recovery : Planting, cooking, tending a vegetable garden
 Other classes : Music, fine arts, recreation, athletic activities, transcribing the Bible, etc.
 Kyonggi-do Gapyong-gun Ha-myon Hapan-li 540-2
 Tel : 82 31 589 0210
House of Hope (Facility for Those with Physical and Mental Disability)
Purpose of House of Hope
  On the basis of the common belief of the Roman Catholic and social welfare industry in human dignity and equality, House of Hope cares the people suffering with mental retardation, physical disability, brain lesions and psychological disorders. We ensure that our family members realize that they are precious children of God. We also make efforts to build an environment where they can pursue happiness and then achieve it in the end. To reach the target, we run love- and faith-based healing programs which contribute to removing prejudice and closing the gap between the healthy and the disabled.
 Pottery : It is to raise individuals’ quality of life by offering a chance to freely use one’s creative potential in work.
 Calligraphy : It helps emotional stability.
 Egg crafts : It is aimed at bringing better quality of life through a social and psychological recovery.
 Aquarobic exercise : Water stimulation boosts the effect of medical treatment and relaxes one’s body and mind. More than anything else, dancing in the water is fun.
 Natural dyeing
 Singing ("Collecting Sounds") : Singing songs enriches life by bringing an emotional stabilization and self-confidence.
 Taekwondo (Traditional Korean martial art) : It builds up physical strength making up for lack of exercise.
 Newspaper publication : Reporting news to people both inside and outside Kkottongnae draws attention about House of Hope from not only members of the entire community but also strangers.
 Fine arts : Through an art education in theory and practice in general, participants find themselves motivated to enjoy a life and discover the ego.
 Cafe : It is a cultural space as well as a resting place for residents. Monthly magazines are also in place.
 Kyonggi-do Gapyong-gun Ha-myon Hapan-li 540-2
 Tel : 82 31 589 0265
’Noche Liandri’ Charity Hospital
  The hospital was donated for a second time by one of the nation’s biggest enterprises called the Hite Holdings. It aims to provide a faith-based cure to sick people regardless of whether they are Kkottongnae family members or not. We pursue life that keeps on giving as part of following in Jesus’ steps, keeping in mind that Jesus suffered and died for us.
  Permanent departments : Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, Anesthesiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Dental Clinic, Traditional Chinese Medicine
Departments for volunteering service to a local medical center (Chungpyong Army Hospital) : Ophthalmology, Ear Nose & Throat, Radiology
Departments for a separate volunteering service : Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Urology, OB & GYN
 Kyonggi-do Gapyong-gun Ha-myon Hapan-li 540-2
 Tel : 82 31 589 0301