Overseas Branches of Kkottongnae

Kkottongnae to the World, the World to Kkottongnae
Kkottongnae, armed with love, happiness, educational enthusiasm and a passion for social welfare under God, extends arms to the world. Currently, our overseas branches are located in the Philippines, the United States (Cities of Lynwood and Temecula in California, New Jersey, Atlanta), Bangladesh, Uganda, India. Kkottongnae, as a witness of God to the world, will continue the current effort to find the poorest of the poor to care them and teach Jesus’ love.
Philippines Kkottongnae 
  The community here consists of House of Love, House of Wish, House of Charity. Sr. Cho, Mi-ja of the Congregation of Kkottongnae Sisters of Jesus is the person in charge.
  Kkottongnae House of Love in the Philippines Foundation Background
  Under the approval of Cardinal Shin, the then Manila Archdiocese, two sisters from the Congregation of Kkottongnae Sisters of Jesus were sent to manage House of Love for children on the streets of the Philippines. Soon afterwards, Kkottongnae community officially was launched in the Philippines on Dec 21, 1996.
 Address : Lot 48 Block 71, JP Rizal St. Upper Bicutan Taguig Metro Manila, the Philippines
 Tel : 63 2544 6797
  House of Wish in the Philippines Foundation Background
  House of Wish started back in 2005 since Kkottongnae brothers and sisters bought a house to bring six elderly homeless women to care from under a bridge. On Dec 21, 2005, The house had a blessing ceremony.
 Address : 19 LPL Ave. Levitown Betterliving Stubd. Paranaque City 1711, Metro Manila, the Philippines
 Tel : 63 2823 2313
 The United States Kkottongnae
  General Information
  Name of each community Lynwood Kkottongnae, Temecula Kkottonge, New Jersey Kkottongnae, Georgia Kkottongnae
  Foreign Branch Executive Director Sr. Jung, Hyun-ja from the Congregation of Kkottongnae Sisters of Jesus
  Person in charge is Sr. Yoon, Jai-ran for Lynwood
  Sr. Lee, Hyang-bae for Temecula
  Sr. Soon, Young-hee for New Jersey
  Sr. Kim, Young-hee for Georgia
  Foundation Background  
  Story about Lynwood Kkottongnae
  On Aug 20, 1998, sisters from the Congregation of Kkottongnae Sisters of Jesus flied to Los Angeles in order to perform ministry. They started finding ’the poorest of the poor who are even unable to beg for food’ among Korean Americans to bring and care. On Dec 9 of the same year, they established a non-profit foundation under the permission of Cardinal Roger Michael Mahony, who led LA Archdiocese.

On May 12, 1999, the community opened in the pursuit of the world where no single person is being left behind, every individual is respected as much as we are loved by our Lord and everyone loves others as themselves. Attending the opening Mass of the day, all staff members were committed to serving sincerely the poorest of the poor in the area. Not long since LA Kkottongnae was launched, 83 year-old woman first became family. Now devoted sisters of the Congregation of Kkottongnae Sisters of Jesus are doing their job in joy.

Less than a year after the launch, the U.S. Kkottongnae was approved as a non-profit foundation on Jan 21, 2000 and Fr. John Oh became the president.

With a purchase of new home to settle in, Kkottongnae in LA moved to Lynwood, which is also located in California. Blessing ceremony was held on Aug 15, 2000.
 3542 Norton Ave. Lynwood, CA 80262 U.S.A
 Tel : 1 310 637 1293
  Story about Temecula Kkottongnae
  Kkottongnae Korea bought a building to use as a retreat house in Temecula in June 2002 and then it was approved by the Diocese of San Bernardino. By holding a blessing ceremony, Temecula Kkottongnae took a first step toward the goal.

Exactly five years later, the building site for Temecula Kkottongnae community was secured. Marking the 10th anniversary of entry in the U.S. on Aug 20, 2008, Kkottongnae purchased land as part of the preparation for constructing a welfare complex.
 37885 Hwy. 79 South Temecula, CA 92592 U.S.A
 Tel : 1 951 302 3400
     go to homepage of Kkottongnae Temecula :   http://cafe.daum.net/temecula
  Story about New Jersey Kkottongnae
  The establishment of New Jersey Kkottongnae was another extraordinary God’s gracious gift, given that it occurred only about three years after the first establishment in California in 1999. The plan of New Jersey community was permitted by the Archbishop of Newark Diocese who had a great interest and affection in Kkottongnae idea. Finally, on Oct 23, 2002, New Jersey Kkottongnae was created with Blessing Mass held. During the Mass, first leader of New Jersey community Msgr. Bak Chang-Duk stressed the true Kkottongnae charism. That is, the ideal of Kkottongnae can be realized through a ministerial life which requires love in action.

On July 20, 2007, for the blessing ceremony of the Adoration Room (For worshipping the Face of Jesus) and Mama Jilli Exhibition Room, a number of distinguished guests attended including Fr. Dante who received a spiritual teaching from Mama Jilli, Fr. John Oh, more than 130 supporters and local faithfuls. Msgr. Bak celebrated the Mass for the day. The Kkottongnae house in New Jersey was the home of Mama Jilli, who lived a faithful life worshipping the Face of Jesus. Since she passed away in 2002, brothers and sisters from the Congregation of Kkottongnae have been living here.
 424-426 Minton PL. Orange, NJ 07050 U.S.A
 Tel : 1 973 676 2364
  Story about Georgia Kkottongnae
  Georgia Kkottongnae located in Atlanta, opened on Oct 5, 2005 with blessing ceremony. Initially, the house building was run as a nursing home called Two Sisters’ Nursing Home by two Korean American faithful women.
 5732 Lawrenceville Tucker, GA 30084 U.S.A
 Tel : 1 770 638 1385
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Bangladesh Kkottongnae
  The facility of the community is Kktongnae House of Love. The responsible person for this is Sr. Bak, Jung-sook of the Congregation of Kkottongnae Sisters of Jesus.
  Foundation Background
  On Aug 24, 2004, four bishops from Bangladesh visited South Korea to attend a regular general assembly held in Daejon Catholic University. During the session they heard about Kkottongnae and decided to look around Eumsung Kkottongnae. The bishops were extremely impressed and amazed, seeing Kkottongnae family members smile all the time, despite their poor health condition. Besides, all the people serving them such as volunteers, workers, religious brothers and sisters did their work willingly and voluntarily. They immediately invited the Congregation of Kkottongnae brothers and sisters to their country, hoping that they could take advice in saving their own people in abject poverty.

Two brothers and two sisters of the Kkottongnae congregation flied to Bangladesh to respond to the bishops’ request, on Feb 22, 2006. Finally, Bangladesh Kkottongnae was founded. Bangladesh has been known for one of the poorest nations in the world. Strangely, however, the nation tops the list by far, when it comes to happiness index.

The dispatched our brothers and sisters are exerting all their efforts to sow the seeds of love, in the hope of watching them grow. Poverty cannot stop them as they fully understand the value of sharing what they have with have-nots and the mechanism of true happiness and Jesus’ love. Even today, they pray and dream about ’what is not impossible’ :  becoming one in love under God.
 Tel : 880 171 598 4872
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Uganda Kkottongnae
  The facility name of the community is Uganda Kkottongnae House of Love. The person in charge is Sr. Hwang, Kyong-sook of the Cogregation of Kkottongnae Sisters of Jesus.
  Foundation Background
  A delegation of Kkottongnae Korea visited Uganda in Jan 2007 to assess the situation of the nation. They looked around not only the national medical center and AIDS clinics, but also shelters for AIDS patients located in rural areas. They witnessed the harsh reality of Bangladesh. As much as six percent of the population was suffering from AIDS. Furthermore, young children with the disease were only waiting for death, while being unable to go to school because their family could not afford the school fee, as little as five dollars. Afterwards, with the invitation of Ugandan Archbishop Paul K. Bakyenga of Mbarara Archdiocese to build Kkottongnae here, the Ugandan community started on May 30, 2007. Facilities for AIDS patients were constructed first, focused on fighting AIDS.

Since then, Uganda Kkottongnae is being operated by two brothers and two sisters of the Kkottongnae congregation. They concentrate on child education, taking care of 22 orphans with AIDS. They had rented a house from Yesu Ahuriire Community belonging to Mbarara Archdiocese before the completion of House of Love. Mbarara Archdiocese sits in a remote area, at an altitude of 1500 m, 29 km away from the capital city of Kampala. On Jan 9, 2009, Kkottongnae House of Love was built in Mbarara Archdiocese, paving the way for materializing the idea of Kkottongnae :  Get rich by emptying yourself under God.

In order to spread the ’love spirit’, additional land for more welfare and education facilities was needed. Archbishop of Mbarara Archdiocese agreed to lease a substantial amount of land to Kkottongnae, allowing a building construction for a period of 20 years. The rental cost is only one dollar a year.
 Yesu Ahuriire Community P.O. Box 1933 Mbarara, Uganda
 Tel : 256 7 7324 9498 / 256 7 0773 249498
India Kkottongnae
  The facility that this community has is St. Joseph Facility for the elderly. The person in charge is Sr. Kim, Duk-soon of the Congregation of Kkottongnae Sisters of Jesus.
  Foundation Background
  In 2007, a delegate of Kkottongnae Korea visited India, which is one of the four cradles of ancient civilization, boasting numerous cultural heritages and remarkable figures like Mahatma Ghandi and Mother Teresa. Marking the 31st anniversary of Kkottongnae foundation under the slogan :  Kkottongnae to the world, the world to Kkottongnae, the visit was made as part of an effort to build Kkottongnae in India. On Nov 10, 2008, two sisters of Kkottongnae congregation were sent to India to perform ministry. They are witnessing God to the Indian people by practicing Jesus’ love in joy on a daily basis.
 St. Joseph’s Old Age Home Sachivothampuram P.O. Kuricy Kottayam-686 532, Krala India
 Tel : 390 6710 0768
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