Kkottongnae University

 Founding Principle
  Kkottongnae University aims to lead a new model for social welfare education based on the Roman Catholic faith and Kkottongnae charism, by doing research on the field of study and developing the basic theory and applied theory. In doing so, we believe, we can contribute to achieving human welfare improvements.
 Education Principle
  The university pursues practicing faith, hope and love on the basis of the Church’s teaching and Kkottongnae philosophy.
 Educational Goal
  Kkottongnae University ensures young talents, who studied and graduated from school, put the schools’s principle into action in daily lives and devote themselves to fulfilling the idea in the field of human welfare.
 Prerequisite Tasks for Educational Success

Three tasks are required prior to the ultimate goal as follows:

First, we provide a well-rounded education for students to love each other and respect human dignity and social justice. Second, we provide an environment in which students take a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience to become professionals in the field of social welfare. Third, we lead future professionals to understand ever-changing global environment and contribute to the world peace and human welfare.

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