Kkottongnae Spirituality House of Love

Founding Background and Purpose
  Modern people, living in an era of advanced technologies and abundant wealth, feel scarcity in the midst of plenty. That is because material wealth does not make your life rich. What people in this time need is a spiritual living. Kkottongnae Spirituality House of Love (Our Father’s House) was designed to let you know that our Lord perfectly loves you and lead you to experience God. The house is a retreat center for spiritual renewal, opened to priests and religious brothers and sisters as well as to general people, while Training Institute of Love is a place for learning for general people.
  - Address : Chungbuk Eumsung-gun Eumsung-eup Dongup-li 924-11
  - Email : kkot0850@hanmail.net
  - Tel : 82 43 879 8500~1
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Photo - Spirituality House of Love Stone Inscription
  Engrave my words on your mind.
I love only you.
I love only you even when you are still a sinner.
Just as I love you no matter what you have done, love anyone you meet no matter what they have done.
Let all the people know my love personally.